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4 Ultimate Tips To Select Most Comfortable Yoga Meditation Cushion

Yoga Meditation Cushion

In simple words, a Yoga meditation Cushion is a specially shaped pillow that has a design to support proper posture while practicing meditation and yoga asanas. You can also meditate and practice yoga without a yoga meditation cushion. Having a dedicated area and cushion is comfier and acts as a mental reminder to meditate and do Yoga. You’re less likely to give up, and it makes it easier to get into a meditative space. If you always have some uncomfort while sitting for meditation or Yoga, then the only thing you require is a yoga meditation cushion.

Benefits Of Using Yoga Meditation Cushion

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Yoga meditation Cushion helps to correct your posture.

It provides excellent support making meditation gentle.

Yoga meditation Cushion is comfortable – helping you concentrate and save a lot of time.

It prevents pain in body parts that would have a lot of pressure on them (ankles, knees, etc.).

Help people with more height weight and longer legs to comfortably meditate.

Yoga meditation Cushion will Help you remain more alert during your meditation.

Your Height

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The taller you are, the additional lift you’ll need from your yoga meditation cushion. If you are six feet or above, you’ll find either a zafu (round) style cushion or a rectangular cushion with a larger yoga meditation cushion under it to give you the most support and comfort.


The comfort of a yoga meditation cushion depends upon the type of filler. Mainly they are filled with one of two ingredients: buckwheat or kapok.

Some cushions have a cotton filling that is similar to kapok.


Outer shells of buckwheat grain, i.e., buckwheat hull, are used for filling. These yoga meditation cushions adapt well to the shape of your body and don’t shrink, thus maintain their shape too. The downside is it may be a bit hard for some people.


It is a conventional filler that is fluffy. The best thing about this yoga meditation cushion is that it is a natural fiber, mold-resistant, and hypoallergenic. It is softer and lighter, like cotton. The downside of such yoga meditation cushion is they are difficult to refill and flatten after a lot of use.


If you are not flexible and cannot sit in a cross-legged position for a long time, you should prefer an elevated yoga meditation cushion. This will help alleviate pressure from your knees and ankles. You will also be able to maintain a straighter spine alignment and open airways for deep breathing.


Look for the yoga meditation cushion made from long-lasting and durable materials, adequately stuffed, and versatile is one that you will be effortlessly able to use for an extended time.


Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the highest quality of yoga meditation cushion. There are many cushions available that are over 200 dollars. But chances are you won’t notice a difference or like them any more than the yoga meditation cushions that are half that price. Be wise while spending money.


If you are not very flexible or just a beginner yoga meditation cushion makes a big difference. Sitting straight, with the spine erect, will allow you to remain more present in your intention. This enables you to get more out of your meditation since you’re not struggling to ignore general pain and discomfort. While choosing your yoga meditation cushion, mainly consider factors like height, flexibility, and price.

Few types of yoga meditation cushions are zen yoga, zafu, and v-shaped yoga pillow.

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