8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

When it comes to practicing meditation techniques, Buddhism always stands ahead in its offerings. People can practice these techniques for achieving almost everything they can wish for. The best meditation techniques can help individuals in developing peace, cultivating compassion, and also alleviating anger.

They can bring people to ever-lasting and ultimate wisdom and also happiness, which is called Enlightenment in Buddhism. Common meditation methodologies found across different Buddhist traditions and schools are as follows:

8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism
8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

Best Meditation Techniques: Calm Abiding Or Samatha Meditation

This technique involves keeping a close watch on breaths. The method is perfectly suitable for focusing and calming the human mind so a person can develop the powers of concentration. The practitioners can even count their breaths for increasing their concentration and reducing general distractibility.

Best Meditation Techniques: Walking Meditation

If you are into sitting for an extended period, it would be a good idea to take a break and also practice walking meditation. This technique has been brought into practice to complement the sitting meditation of individuals. It can also help practitioners maintain their concentration. It involves paying attention to feet while walking slowly in a small and defined area.

Vipassana Meditation

In this technique, an individual needs to pay attention to the sensations they experience in different parts of their body. Vipassana is the highpoint of meditation observances in Theravada schools of Buddhism. It is also one beneficial way of developing a detailed insight into an individual’s true nature.


Koans are questions or phrases that practitioners need to bring to their minds repeatedly. These questions or expressions cannot be solved through idealized thinking. Hence, Koans work at pushing the mind of the meditator into experiencing something beyond his or her thoughts.

Best Meditation Techniques – Shikantaza

This meditation technique involves nothing but merely sitting. It is an objectless form of meditation that requires sitting in one position while being aware of all thoughts and emotions arising in one’s mind.

Metta Meditation

Metta or Loving and Kindness meditation aims at improving or increasing an individual’s feelings of love and also kindness for other people. The practitioner first practices increasing Metta by concentrating on things that can easily arouse compassion and also love.

Next, the practitioner moves to concentration on more challenging stuff of Metta like one’s enemies. Metta meditation is a highly effective technique when it comes to alleviating anger and hatred towards others.

8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism
8 Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

Tonglen Meditation

The meaning of Tonglen is offering and getting. This type of meditation involves the practitioner taking away the sufferings of others while providing them everything required for alleviating their pain. Tonglen meditation works wonders in increasing the compassion of an individual and also reducing his or her self-grasping and selfishness.

Meditation On Valuable Human Life

Buddha believed that it is rare to gain human rebirth. This technique of meditating has its focus on how challenging it is to get human life. Thus, it aims at helping practitioners appreciate the scope they have now in the form of living a human life.