All About Breathing Meditation -

All About Breathing Meditation

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Meditation is the easiest and purest form of making your mind at peace. It has various health benefits as well as it will help you in concentrating as well it will make your mental health much better. You can practice meditation in your daily routine by taking some time from your schedule to try it out and see how meditation is beneficial for you.

One of the most beneficial and easiest forms of meditation is breathing meditation in which you have to meditate with the help of your breath and mind. It would help you understand and connect more with your body. It is considered as one of the easiest and best forms to meditate which will improve your breathing habits as well. 

Breathing is one of the most important life processes, and every organism breath every second. We all are alive due to breathing only and we can make this process even better by meditating with the help of it. It is a great experience and is the best method to meditate.

Here are some tips and methods to do breathing meditation more effectively:


A comfortable position and a place are very important for you to meditate and it will help you in getting into the meditation zone with ease. Meditate only when you find a relaxing place and position. Most of the people generally prefer sitting while doing breathing meditation which is the most relaxed position.

When you are in a relaxed position, you will be able to concentrate much better. Always try to find that best position for you and try to meditate someday from your busy schedule.

Breath heavy

Exhaling and inhaling air is a major part of breath and when you are out there trying to meditate, always breath heavy. Inhale a large part of the air and after a few seconds exhale that air out of your body through your nose. Repeat this cycle again and again. Try to concentrate and focus more on breathing. Repeat this process for about 5-10 mins.

Think about nothing

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A human being in his daily life thinks about a lot of things in a single day. In this modern-day of competition and distraction, not everyone is always thinking about more than one thing at the same time. When you are meditating, try to keep that hustle and stress from your daily life away.

Keep your mind empty and breath heavily and try to gain more focus and concentration power through this process. Always try to avoid any kind of thoughts while meditating.

Take a slow step

When you have started meditating, then try to meditate for less amount of time. With time, you can increase the time duration of your meditation every day. Start it from 5 mins and drastically try to meditate till 20 mins each day. This will take some time but it will be worth it.

A girl meditating

Always try to take some time from your busy schedule and try to concentrate every day and increase your concentration power.

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