Best Breathing Meditation Technique

Let’s start with the best breathing meditation technique I’ve found. It’s the simplest breathing technique I know, and you can do it easily just by taking five deep breaths:

Best Breathing Meditation Technique
Best Breathing Meditation Technique

The first time you do this, you will feel a little uncertain. This is okay – practice makes perfect! Once you get it down, you’ll find that it’s actually pretty easy.

Good Posture

Make sure you are in good posture. Stay comfortable, with your shoulders back, and just relax, letting your eyes follow the movement of your abdomen. You can try to visualize a steady stream of air flowing through your body as you breathe in.

As you inhale, focus on the movement of your stomach (or chest) rising and falling. You want to experience the “breath in”breath out” sensations. Begin with your belly, and then expand outwards to include the rest of your body.

Try to follow a rhythmic pattern for your inhaling and exhaling. The muscles in your belly and upper back should tense. You will also be experiencing some heaviness in your lower back, so push your pelvis slightly forward. You want to feel your belly moving up and down, and side to side.

If you feel the breath coming in from your sides, squeeze your belly muscles, and hold it in place as you exhale. Use your arms to feel the rising and falling of your sides, and let the breath flow out from your chest. You will feel a bit light and flaky, and it’s all going to seem quite soothing.

When Breathing Out

When you are ready to breathe out, just drop the muscles in your belly out of your awareness. Let them be, and relax. Enjoy the sensation of breathing completely.

Practice at home, and with friends. Practicing in front of a mirror is also very helpful. With a friend, if you have one, turn the lights down low, so you can concentrate on the feeling of your breath. Be sure to let the other person know what you are doing, to help them in the process.

When you are ready to do this practice on your own, just do a few minutes of this breathing meditation whenever you need to calm down. There’s no reason why you can’t add this meditation into your daily routine.

If you’re having trouble just focusing on your breath, you can use sound to help you get into a good mental state to allow your mind to wander away from all the thoughts that are stressing you out. For example, if you’re feeling stressed, play calming or meditative music. Practice this when you first begin, and then you’ll be better able to bring yourself back to a calm state.


Yoga is an excellent way to practice yoga breathing meditation. Try joining a yoga class, either to get in touch with your inner self or to learn more about breathing and other yoga techniques. The variety of poses available are endless, and you can do them with friends, or just to bring yourself into a calm state.

Best Breathing Meditation Technique
Best Breathing Meditation Technique

After a few weeks of practicing this meditation, you may find that you can keep your breath under control completely. Just the simple act of breathing deeply, releasing tension in your body, can help you release stress and soothe your mind. So try some of these techniques out, and see what they can do for you.

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