The weighing scale is, however, used to measure the body fat of an individual. It is essential to calculate and know the composition of the body, and it’s fat accumulation. Besides the calculation of the body fat, it will help the individual to know it’s body structure and take necessary precautions for a healthier living and a healthy body.

Benefits Of The Body Scale Bluetooth Weighing Scale

  • It measures 17 essential body composition which includes body weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, visceral fat, and many other factors
  • It is easy to use, by simply stepping on the scale to turn it on and start with the measurements.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3, and IOS 8.0 or above the system.
  • Materials : ABS, Weight : 0.76kg., Size : 26x26x2.2cm.
  • Unit : LG/KG, Power Supply : 4xAAA Battery (not included), Maximum Capacity : 180kg. /400lb.
  • Package List: 1x Body Fat Scale Bluetooth Weighing Scale, 1x User’s Manual

Body Fat Scale Bluetooth Weighing Scale

With the help of this body fat scale, it will help the individual start a healthy lifestyle. If the individual wants to keep oneself healthy and fit, then forget about the weight. The important thing that the individual has to take note of is to lose the body fats. Sometimes one tends to overthink the importance without knowing how much of the fats that have to be missed.

Features Of Body Scale Fat Weighing Scale

One should think about its health before becoming sick. As becoming sick becomes a hindrance in our day to day lives. There are several things that one is unable to do if they don’t feel right. Therefore, before this happens, one should start living a healthy lifestyle and be more active at outdoor activities. The next step would be to get this body fat scale for one’s self that will help the individual to analyze how much fat one needs to lose.

Can Measure 17 Key Body Composition

This body fat scale will help the individual know more about oneself. Use the Scale, and it helps to measure 17 essential body composition. If one wants to see the body weight, body fat, and BMI, this digital weighing scale is all that the individual needs. However, it can also measure muscle mass, visceral fat, and many more. The Scale will not only let you know the weight meanwhile also help to know the other body composition as well. This Scale is suitable for both men and women.


This Scale is recommended for the entire family. However, this body fat scale supports Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3, and IOS 8.0 or above the system. Meanwhile, it also auto-recognizes for up to 8 users for the whole family. Thus, everyone in the family will be aware of their body composition as well. Moreover, this Scale is easy to use by everyone across the globe for any age group. Hence, it becomes convenient for the entire family to use the Scale. 

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