Facts About Transcendental Meditation

Transcend to the next stage

Before going any further, let’s just take a minute to understand, what is Meditation?

Meditation is a process where a person tries to relax his mind in order to achieve inner peace and recognition. Here, we focus on one, out of the six types of meditations known as Transcendental Meditation.

The term “Transcendent” literally means “Superiority”. It means reaching a pure state of awareness using certain techniques. Transcendental meditation is a practice of repeating certain mantras while sitting in a relaxed position without moving your lips.

Now, this mantra could help detach you from any kind of anxiety and promotes tranquility.

What Is A Mantra & How Could We Use It?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presented this technique to the world of using the mantras in Transcendental Meditation. Also, a mantra is that vocal practice which if performed perfectly takes you to a journey of apex concentration.”

Now, the practice and how you recite the mantra is the key.

A mantra doesn’t have any meaning rather has a resonance (Vibration) creating a sense of calmness and tendency to fade away in that direction. One of the most notable & known mantras to the world is “Om”. Now, try to recite this mantra while sitting in a relaxed position undisturbed with your mouth closed & eyes shut. Did you feel it?

That’s what we are talking about. However, it is recommended to receive a mantra from a fully trained TM (Transcendental Meditation) Teacher.

Benefits Of Performing This Meditation

Work is Meditation

We don’t get into certain things unless we could expect something fruitful out of it. As far as the practice of Transcendental Meditation goes, it does provide some benefits which might ease your life a lot. Here’s a list of some of them:

(1) Relieving Stress: We know that Mental Stress is perpetual. However, by using this technique you can reduce the power of the culprit behind many dysfunctions of our bodies.

(2) Stable Blood Pressure: Now when it comes to heart diseases, this technique is useful too. Moreover, a study conducted over individuals with 55 years or above (Currently associated with Hypertension), practicing TM showed an increase in their Life Expectancy.

(3) Improving Work Efficiency: After 3 months into practicing Transcendental Meditation, the employees had a greater sense of alertness, effectiveness in one’s work, improved work ethics, job satisfaction as well as many more.

(4) A cure for addiction: Smoking, alcoholism, and other addictions have been cured using this technique. Stress reduction due to this technique has impacted these people’s lives majorly.

(5) Better Decision Making: A better mind would surely be able to take better and more appropriate decisions. Also, research conducted upon regular Transcendental Meditation practitioners showed that their level of intelligence had improved.

(6) Reduced Insomnia: Thereby, providing a better quality of sleep.


A ripple of meditation

According to Forbes, a published Meta-Analysis of 42 studies shows that “The effect of size of the Transcendental Meditation on overall self-actualization was approximate “3 times” as large as that of the other forms of meditation & relaxations.

TM cuts right to the chase and it takes only some days (if invested wholeheartedly) to feel remission from their painful and overwhelming thoughts.

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