Four Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

Relaxation Techniques

Sudden exposure to threat, alarms our body. And too much of such false alarms creates stress. Further, this leads to stress-related diseases. Thus, you need relaxation and meditation techniques for relaxation of your body. Practicing simple relaxation techniques for a few minutes in a day helps you control stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation Techniques

The Relaxation Response

In the relaxation response technique, you practice relaxing. You start with relaxed breathing which relaxes the whole body.  Relaxation response should be practiced daily. Practicing it lowers blood pressure and reduce stress in life. Thus, this can be exercised by concentrating on sound or word or prayer. Also, practice avoiding any thought for that moment.

Follow these tips for relaxation

Choose a word or phrase to focus. Any word that has meaning for you is useful. Keep repeating that word and try to concentrate only on that word. Ignore any other thought that comes to your mind. So, for practicing this, you need to sit in a comfortable position. Thus, choose a quiet place. Now sit down in a calm place and close your eyes. Then relax your body completely. And finally, when the body is a relaxed focus on the word or phrase while controlling your breathing. Practice this as long as you feel comfortable. At least ten minutes should be given for relaxation response. Once you complete ten minutes, do not hurry for another activity. Remain seated for a few more seconds with your eyes closed and then allow all your everyday thoughts in mind. 

Deep Breathing– Relaxation Techniques

A widespread stress management technique is deep breathing. Taking long deep breaths will relax you faster in any situation. Instead of reacting in a stressful situation, go for deep breathing, and relax.  This common and often followed by everyone because you can try it anywhere. It is also a natural reaction of the body as a reaction.

Most importantly, this technique is a part of all other relaxation technique. Thus, all you need to do is sit down comfortably and take a deep breath in and out. Continue with it as long as you feel the need.


Relaxation techniques
Relaxation Techniques

Meditation became popular with the teachings of the Buddha. It is the process of learning to focus attention. It also involves eliminating thoughts to achieve focus. Thus a concentrated mind can react efficiently in any situation. It is a medicine for both mind and body.

So, meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and emotional illness. It benefits the whole body.

Muscle Relaxation Techniques

In this relaxation technique, one can reduce stress by relaxing body muscles. It believes in the concept that relaxing the body will relax the mind. First of all, sit or lie down comfortably. Secondly, take a deep breath and relax. Thirdly, tense your muscles and then release them for relaxing your body.

Thus start with lifting your shoulders and then releasing them while breathing. Also, you can exercise your foot for relieving stress. Start with the right foot, tighten your toes hold, and them release them. Similarly, practice it with the left foot while breathing in and out.

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