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Today, many are ignorant of the fact that meditation has a lot of benefits. They engage in the wrong things to have a sense of calm, peace, and emotional well-being. 

What does meditation actually mean? 

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It is a practice of meditating. It is a practice where the mind is focused on a particular subject, activity, or thought. It might even be an image to gain a state of consciousness in all emotionally, mentally, and so on. During this activity or practice, the mind is focused and clear that the activities around have no impact.

Why do people meditate?

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There are different reasons people meditate. Some of them are:

  1. To engage in spiritual practice
  2. To reduce stress
  3. To feel calm
  4. To reduce depression
  5. To reduce chronic pain

Benefits of Meditation

The meditation benefits are numerous. We are just going to talk about some of them:  

  1. It increases happiness: Meditation helps you intentionally forget your worries and anxieties and give you a sense of joy.
  2. It helps make your problem smaller: Instead of panicking when a problem arises, meditation enables you to think well about it, know the causes and the best way to solve it; through this, your problem becomes smaller.
  3. It gives energy: Much energy is one of the meditation benefits. At that time, you are relaxed, doing no stressful thing. The energy gained is both physical and mental.
  4. It gives room for observation: When you are busy, you tend to overlook somethings and fail to observe even things that are so visible. But when you meditate, observation becomes a routine and easy thing. It just becomes part of you.
  5. It increases creativity: During this awesome practice, you realize that the creativity in you gains more room to develop.
  6. Better health: The more you practice meditation, the better your health becomes since your body has more time to relax, free from stress.

How best to meditate

Know that meditation is available to everyone, no matter how small or old. It is a natural thing. Yes, thinking is natural. So how best can you meditate?

  1. Be comfortable: Yes, comfort is one thing you shouldn’t joke with. Make sure you take away everything that can disturb or make you uncomfortable during meditation.
  2. Deep and slow breathing: As a beginner, you have to focus all your attention on how you inhale and exhale. Make sure you do all your best possible to prevent your mind from wandering. Even when it does, find a way to focus on your breathing again.
  3. Engage in body scanning: Even when focusing on your breathing, focus on your body movements and every sensation.
  4. Repetition of an idea: Do well to repeat a particular thought or word even if it is religious mantras.
  5. Walk and meditate: When a walk (a slow one) is combined with meditation, it gives healthy relaxation. Just make sure you focus on your legs. 


After all these, you can then pray, read, or listen to music and reflect.

With you following the above process, you are sure to get most of the meditation benefits.

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