How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners

How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners

Yoga is an ancient practice that includes various poses to strengthen the body and mind. The best part about yoga is that you need to invest much in gears to practice it. However, if you are a beginner, then you can face some issues in flexibility. Yoga blocks can be beneficial in enhancing your flexibility. Moreover, the seasoned yogi can use them for advanced poses. In this article, we describe how to use yoga blocks and other essential details related to them. Therefore, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners
How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners

Moreover, you must not rest your hands on the block while practicing yoga. Use your hand like a suction with your fingers spread. It helps to engage your hand and arm muscles. Hence, it provides strength and flexibility to the arms.

How To Use Yoga Blocks In Different Yoga Poses?

Forward Fold

If you want to align better, then you must try forward fold with a yoga block. Place the block and then sit on its edge. For a better foundation, remove the flesh underneath the butt. The pelvis tilts a bit in the forward direction. Try to touch your feet or shins using hands with exhaling.

Pigeon Pose

If there is no knee or hip flexibility, then you can use a block in pigeon pose. Place the block’s edge under your sit bone. The block will tilt the pelvis slightly forward to align the body properly. Then, perform the pigeon pose in which heart comes forward. It can be a fantastic position if you stand after sitting for a long time.

Bridge Pose

If you are looking to perform bridge pose, then the block can be beneficial. You can place it between your inner thighs to bring them in alignment. Moreover, it introduces a lift in the pelvis. Blocks with seated poses.

Seated Poses

In seated postures, including Baddha Konasana, the block can be helpful. You can use two blocks for supporting the knees. It will help to avoid putting the full weight on inner thighs. People having tight groins must try this yoga practice. Moreover, you can flip them to get adequate support and height.

How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners
How To Use Yoga Blocks For Beginners

Arm Poses

People having a weak core can try arm balance using the blocks. It provides the right height to get the best results. You can place them under both arms and try balancing on it.

Which Yoga Block You Must Buy?

You can find different kinds of yoga blocks in the markets made from wood, foam, etc. The ones made from foam are very lightweight. Hence, they can be great for traveling. However, they can quickly wear and tear too. If you can spend some money, then you can opt for the bamboo blocks. They are also durable and include natural material, i.e., bamboo.

Moreover, you can opt for a cork block if you want a durable yoga block. They provide a solid foundation and prevent slipping while practicing yoga. However, they can be costlier than the other blocks. You can select them according to your budget and requirement. Experts recommend buying a pair of blocks so that you can get proper alignment in arm balances too.

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