Important Meditation Methods -

Important Meditation Methods

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Meditation is a very powerful technique to transform your life into total calm. As it creates restriction, most of the practitioners find it difficult to practice. The restriction here refers to longer sitting periods.

But I think 10 minutes of effective meditation is as equal as 2-3 hours of unfocused attention. Most probably, you came across terms of mindfulness and awareness. They are core parts of powerful meditation methods.

In a simple manner, mindfulness means to focus on the present. Removing all thoughts of the past as well as future from your mind means mindfulness.

Awareness is the next step to mindfulness. After you have stability through mindfulness, you should graduate to awareness. Awareness is an advanced form of meditation. It explores the mechanics of the inner soul using emotions, perceptions, sensations, and so on.

Why Should We Adopt Meditation Methods?

An effective meditation method will solve your real problem of feeling alone. It leads you to fill up yourself with lots of positive energies hovering around the universe.

A meditation technique can give you the following benefits:

  • You will be able to skillfully manage everyday life full of challenges. Stress, as well as anxiety, are odd things to meditation.
  • Self-realization means meditation. You will learn how to love yourself in spite of the world’s hatred. It keeps your spirit ego to a higher level.
  • It teaches you how to have a sense of gratitude for everything you have in life. Also, you will start to appreciate everything you have with a sense of joy.
  • You will feel every moment a basic sense of relief that is beyond the flows and ebbs of daily life.
  • The problem of the feeling void from within will be totally out of your life.
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Types Of Powerful Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness breathing

It is a basic mindfulness meditation technique. Nothing is simpler than this. Buddha suggested starting meditation journey of life with mindful breathing. As the name suggests, breath is the central point of concentration.

The basic way to start this is to simply focus on your inhale and exhale breath. However, you can do it while standing but the ideal position is sitting or lying in a comfortable manner. Close your eyes to maintain focus. Relax your body and feel calm.

You can exaggerate the breathing process by deep inhales in case of a stressful moment. Use this meditation twice daily for at least 7 minutes.

Guided meditation

Yes, it’s not a natural method. Surprisingly, guided meditation methods are backed by science-based benefits. There is a huge supply of online music to guide you through meditation. Wisely make use of that to be stress-free. Also, a study conducted by participants of guided meditation revealed that it helps to reduce anxiety levels to a great extent.

As your attention time keep strengthening, it helps to keep your mind young. There will no risk of age-related memory loss after having a young mind.


It may be in the form of guided meditation or you can visualize by your own. Visualization is everywhere and is the secret to the law of attraction. This technique, when combined with meditation, becomes so powerful. Through visualization, you can prepare yourself for upcoming daily challenges.

Visualization is known as a passive form of meditation. You can start by focusing on breathing. The objective of visualization meditation is to completely empty your brain from thoughts as well as let them go anywhere. Also, daily early morning visualization for about 10 minutes can work like magic.

Meditation posture

So, these are ones of the simplest meditation methods to be followed religiously. A meditation practice should be followed with consistency as well as focus to receive amazing results. Meditation on a regular basis can completely change your inner self and help to gain confidence.

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