Incense Holder With Quirky, Artful Design

Buddha Stick Incense Holder

Many people believe that this home decor acts as a meditating Buddha that brings good fortune to the family. The Buddha was a great sage who came from India. He was a symbol of balance, meditation, and peace. Some believe that a Buddha statue brings good luck to the family. Thus, having this product can be beneficial for you. This statue gives a beautiful look to your house and, hence, an excellent home decoration for you. This product is perfect for you to add at home if you want to add an Asian vibe to your house. Thus, this Buddha Stick Incense Holder at home or garden can have many benefits.

Buddha Stick Incense Holder

An incense stick is related to religious beliefs in some countries. People believe that the aroma of the incense stick throws out negativity from the surroundings, whether temples or mosques, and they have their ways and significance relating to the burning of incense stick. It cleans the atmosphere of your office or home whereever you light the sticks. There are so many flavors of incense stick available with fantastic aromas. It is the belief that when you burn incense, it aids in flu and clears your nasal passages.

Some people burn an incense stick and stick it in plants pot, but this is wrong because the has a chemical that ruins the quality of your plant soil. So using an incense stick holder can be a good option. The leaf boat incense stick burner is made of ceramic material, so you have to be a little careful with it. Of course, it is easy to use and to clean the leftover ashes. The size of the product is 4.5 cm x 4 cm. You can use it in your tea room, living room, or any space where you want a pleasant smell.

It is suitable for 21cm incense sticks, and you can use three rods at the same time. The product is available in three colors: white, wood brown, and black. It will keep your area clean because the ashes will fall into the leaf-shaped tray. It is made of high-quality ceramic, so the color of the burner will not fade. You can even wash it or clean it with a dry cloth, so you have a helpful way to keep your house fresh and clean.

Lotus Incense Burner Holder For Meditation

Meditate with the relaxing scent of this incense holder beside you. An effective way to help you sleep, it is portable and easy to carry. An excellent decoration for your warm home, the product is 0% brand-new and of high quality. The material of the product is enamel pottery, and the size is 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. The product will hold an incense stick that will have a soul-soothing aroma. You can use this in your place of worship and in the place where you sit for meditation. Tradition suggests that incense attracts positive energy to your home, family, and business. It is an essential gift item to newly-married couples and new business owners; it is like you are wishing them good fortune.

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