Know About Cupping Therapy & Silicone Cups


Cupping therapy has been a traditional form of medication. This ancient method is said to have originated in China, Egypt, and so on. You can undergo cupping massage to relieve pain, increase blood flow, and relax. Traditional Chinese medicine believed that the cups help with the flow of qi. Silicone cupping gained popularity when the picture of Michael Phelps surfaced on the internet with a big red bump. He is a famous Olympic swimmer, so that added to the curiosity of the public. Furthermore, this left everyone talking about cupping therapy that then promoted the entire concept of silicone cupping sets.

Know About Cupping Therapy & Silicone Cups
Know About Cupping Therapy & Silicone Cups

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is an ancient method of medicine popularly used for healing pain. It uses the idea of removing stagnant blood to heal issues. Eventually, the process was associated with other uses such as healing, detoxification, increasing blood flow, and the like. Cupping involves small cups that exert pressure or suction to help in decreasing stagnant blood, thus resulting in free-flowing blood and lymph. In turn, this leads to an increase in blood circulation resulting in detoxification and healing. Cupping is a traditional and well-known way of healing.

Cupping Therapy Techniques

Traditional wet cupping is well known. However, a variety of techniques of cupping have developed over time. The dry form of cupping, fire cupping, and wet cupping are some of the commonly used techniques. As well, there is weak or light cupping, needle cupping, and herbal cupping. These methods use different elements to detoxify and heal. While some use fire and heat, others use water to aid the process. Today there are many listed techniques of silicone cupping sets. The list seems very long, so we shorten it.

Types Of Silicone Cupping Sets

So, the cups of massage vary in materials. They can be silicone cupping sets or glass or hard plastic or bamboo silicone cupping sets. The smoothest cups, usually silicone cups, are widely used in the therapeutic massage sessions. Also, unlike traditional cupping, silicone cups can serve dual purposes. First in motion, and secondly in a stationary position. As the cups are soft, the pressure of suction can be leveled by the therapist on your skin. Hence helping clients decide the intensity of the massage. A choice of regular or light massage is in your hands. Don’t worry! You can pick a light massage and still enjoy the benefits!

Know About Cupping Therapy & Silicone Cups
Cupping Therapy & Silicone Cups

The Pink Spots

Every cupping session leaves strange pink circles that look like bruises. Bruises usually are known to be painful but these marks don’t hurt. These are formed due to your blood being pulled towards the skin surface by suction.

Consequently, they are just painless stagnant blood marks. These marks eventually fade as the blood flows back to your skin. This can take either a few minutes after the session or might take a longer time due to slow movement of blood. These pink spots don’t harm you!

Now since you know about the silicone cupping technique, why don’t you just loosen up to give cupping a try?