Know The Buddhism Meditation Techniques

Buddhism Meditation Techniques

The increasingly famous practices of meditation and mindfulness share the Buddhist roots. All Buddhism forms and different Buddhism Meditation Techniques have come from the Buddha’s insights about the causes of suffering, nature of existence, causes of happiness, and the guidelines required to live a constructive and wholesome life. Buddhism meditation techniques are spreading its legs all across the countries where they are developed organically and are reaching a way wider audience.

The Different Buddhism Meditation Techniques And The Way Of Doing Them

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Below listed are the 2 Buddhism Meditation Techniques:


Shamatha means mindfulness, which is a renowned Buddhist practice that mainly focusses on calmness, equanimity, and clarity. With the right commitment and guidance, one can cultivate such qualities within to experience deep inner peace. When Shamatha is combined with vipassana, which means awareness leads to insights and spiritual awakening. The beginning stages of mindful meditation can be practiced by anyone.

How to do Shamatha?

Get into a comfortable meditation position. Find a pose that does not hurt your knees or back. It is necessary to keep your back straight. And then aim at finding a happy medium somewhere between too relaxed and too rigid.

Observe your breath, and do not try to manipulate it. Take deep in-breaths and out-breaths. Do not focus much on breathing as otherwise, you will lose your meditative position. Breathe calmly and focus on being aware and aim at being a friend of your own.

Start acknowledging the thoughts that you have in your mind but do not engage with them to avoid disturbance. Let the thought come, aim at touching and gently and letting it go by analyzing it.

LovingKindness or Metta

One of the other methods to practice Buddhism meditation is metta or lovingkindness. This meditation type has different forms that generally begin with Shamatha to settle the mind and to get it into a receptive position.

In one of the metta techniques, you can begin with directing wishes for people’s well-being and by developing loving kindness toward your own self. Then you will eventually start feeling positive about the one who is even your enemy. Ultimately, your love easily flows with the feeling of love. You experience love and benevolence.

To inspire this practice, you can recite mantras like ‘May my love for myself and the people around me flow freely.’ One of the traditional Buddhist invocations is, ‘May all humans find happiness and the cause of happiness. May they be free from all the sufferings and the cause of sufferings.’ After a period of experiencing metta for some time, you can sit in quiet awareness.


If you are just making a decision to try the Buddhism Meditation Techniques and have no idea of how to go for it, then try the above suggestions given to you. Start meditating to bring yourself to a level of peace and happiness. Buddhism Meditation Techniques develop the most important axis of a human being. Make sure you rely on clear and genuine meditation methods to achieve the best results.

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