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Meditation Exercises

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process where a person tries to relax his mind so as to achieve inner peace and recognition.

Here, we are going to talk about some Meditation Exercises which, if adopted could help a person live a better and quality life.

In this world full of discomforts and problems, meditation is like a medicine made specifically to cure them.

Indeed, practicing Meditation Exercises daily might uplift your mood and provide energy to working beyond.

Some Basic Meditation Exercises

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There are plenty of Meditation Exercises out there for us to practice. However, it is recommended to perform only those that suit you the best.

All the meditations have to be practiced effortlessly. So, if you are trying to force yourself into anything, please don’t do it.

*Caution* Meditation Exercises could affect people currently suffering from problems associated with the brain.

So, please consult your doctor before practicing these exercises.

Metta Meditation Technique:

It is also named as a “Loving-Kindness Technique.” Performed in an orthodox meditation posture, its principle is to generate a feeling of love and kindness towards the people you are associated with.

To be more specific, try to produce a feeling of love and kindness towards the people you love, be it your family or close friends.

Try to produce the feeling towards the people, like your colleagues, even your enemy. Then, do the same for the entire universe.

We have always heard that “Hatred might win us some battles, for sure, however, it is the love towards one another which wins in the end.”

So, if you find yourself having a feeling of hatred towards others, this is for you.

Transcendental Meditation:

This meditation is driven by a mantra technique that has a resonance (Vibration) creating a sense of calmness and tendency to fade away at awareness and mindfulness.

One of the most notable and known mantras to the world is “Om.” Now, try to recite this mantra while sitting in a relaxed position undisturbed with your mouth closed and eyes shut.

It is recommended to receive a mantra from a fully trained TM (Transcendental Meditation) Teacher.

Mindfulness Meditation:

A person practicing this Meditation Exercise regularly have said to achieve a sheer awareness and increased focus on thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation (MM) also requires you to be sitting in a place undisturbed, whilst focusing on your breathing (inhaling & exhaling).

Moreover, it depends upon you whether to sit cross-legged or on a chair with both your feet touching the floor.

It is the most advisable meditation technique for any person.

Zen Meditation:

It is one of the 4 forms of Buddhist Meditation. In simple terms, it’s often said to be an upgraded version of Mindfulness meditation.

This meditation requires proper training under a professional trainer, for it to be working effectively.

One person has to be more disciplined in practicing this Meditation Exercise.

So choose according to your comfort.  

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All in all, it takes time to become proficient in practicing meditation exercises.

Nothing could be achieved in the first try. So, practicing meditation daily could prove out to be fruitful.

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