Meditation Is The Key To Life -

Meditation Is The Key To Life

A girl meditating near a wall

Every one of us whether consciously or unconsciously is in search of serenity. In the twenty-first century, life has become exceedingly fast, humans do not have enough time so as to give quality time to themselves. And with that, comes numerous problems such as lack of compassion amongst the people, attention deficit syndrome, emotional, mental and physical pain, etc.

Of all such utterly troubling problems to which there seems to be no solution, the other facet of the coin says that there is a solution, probably the prime solution. And that solution is meditation.

What is Meditation?

It is that technique of attaining the peace which surpasses all the other ones which people think that work but actually all the other ones may make you feel calmer for a certain period of time. But in the long run, those really do not work but rather make the mind feel more burdened with the worldly stuff.

But this one technique that came existence thousands of years ago, is not just meant for being in peace only but also for creating a divine connection between him and the supreme lord, the one who is the creator and the destroyer, the one who is the beginning and the end of everything and the one to whom everything belongs.

The Technique

The one who has never practiced this advanced technique of attaining peace would look to meditation as something utterly mundane and as a result, not worth doing. But on the other side, there are some experienced practitioners who regard it as their lifeline and as per them, there could be no other way to understand life rather than practicing meditation.

It can be practiced by anyone irrespective of color, caste, creed, ethnicity or importantly the religion. The possible way to start this is by starting to focus on the flame of a candle or constantly focusing on a portrait of the almighty, or anyone whom one regards as his spiritual master. 

If someone has started to practice it initially then there is a strong possibility that the mind would not be able to concentrate. It would certainly revolve around all those daily chores related to you.

Meditation during sunrise

But with the passage of time, if you indulge in it on a regular basis then at a certain point of time in his life, you would be able to drive your mind as per your wish.

Because it happens so that people are not able to direct the attention of their mind to what they genuinely want, as soon as you master this advanced universal science, your mind becomes your own slave.

Meditation Makes You More Peaceful

Meditation with rosary beads

The practice of meditation is the best way of attaining the way for living a long and healthy life and importantly the one which is worth living. It assists you to lead a life which is devoid of stress and tension. Most crucially, it helps you to feel youthful in every stage of life.

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