Meditation Practices Help With A Lot Of Stress -

Meditation Practices Help With A Lot Of Stress

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There are lots of meditation practices. It is very confusing to select the best one. I am not saying that there are no ineffective techniques also. The focus point here is the focus itself. Yes, it’s the focus. Stay connected to a particular practice and see visible changes in your overall state. Still, if you are not getting results, the reasons may be following.

  • Your intention is weak. Even if you meditate for two hours or more, you are not going to get any results.
  • The second reason may be a time issue. Sometimes, you need just a slight increase in your time sessions to see amazing results.
  • You are not doing the right type of meditation based upon your preference.

Not all types of meditation will give you identical results. Different meditation techniques serve different purposes. Hence, we start a meditation practice by believing that it is going to do one thing but it does something else.

So, focus your attention on various meditation practices and select one according to your needs.

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Some Renowned Meditation Practices

Concentration meditation

Focused-Attention-Meditation (FAM), as the name signifies, is about focusing your attention towards a chosen object. It is the basis of all types of meditation. Also, concentration meditation works on common aspects to shift your mind’s focus from continuous thoughts to a particular focus.

This concentrated focus can be breath sensation also along with phrase chanting or any particular thing. Also, in between, keep distracted to continuous thoughts. This practice challenges you to disengage your attention from repetitive thoughts to a selected thought or object.

Loving-kindness meditation

Metta is its name in Buddhism. The aim is to feel a sense of kindness as well as love towards everything on Earth. Also, those affected by anger, frustration, interpersonal conflict, or resentment actually benefit from this practice of meditation.

According to an American Buddhist Teacher, the practitioner should bring their mind to someone they feel neutral towards, someone they care about, as well as to someone they have difficulty with.

The researchers have found that LKM meditators activity in the left ventral anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) has increased during the practice. It is a part of the brain responsible for identifying and producing a correspondence emotional state.

Awareness of Awareness meditation (Nondual)

Awareness of Awareness is an advanced form of meditation. It means that even though we connect to worldly forms, we disconnect by awareness of the inner soul.

This meditation can be considered to precede and surpass any thoughts, objects or sensations. Hence, the technique can be practiced by meditating on the nothingness or absolute, the use of riddles and koans, questions and self-inquiry and focusing on the aim i.e. awareness of awareness.

Studies have proved that it reduces Default Model Network that is known to cause depression and anxiety into our body’s system.

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So, keep focusing on the best meditation practices. From the above three, you can choose one according to your preference as well as maintain consistency. After regular practice, results are certainly provided that you should have a really strong intention behind following the technique.

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