Meditation While Sleeping

Girl meditating while sleeping

However, sleep is the state when human brains are the most active. Thus, Sleep is often called the ‘food of the mind’ because sound sleep is not only needed by your body but also by your mind. Meditation sleeping is a technique to enhance ones’ quality of sleep.

Meditation sleeping enables one to relax, increases short term mental performance and reduces the need for sleep, etc. One can practice meditation sleeping in different ways such as – ‘Chanting root sounds in sleep’, ‘Rotating body energy in sleep’ or ‘listening to specific frequency sounds in sleep’.

Of which listening to specific frequency sounds in sleep is the most convenient. Also, several scientific studies have suggested that sounds of certain definite frequencies. It can help relieve stress and supply sound sleep as they relax different regions of our brain. Thus, meditation sleeping is one of the most fitting ways to get rid of sleeping disorders and enhance sleep.

Sound Machine White Noise Relaxation

Meditation while lying down may sound weird; however, in traditional practices of meditation, Sleep Meditation was a vital practice for the mind. It was done by chanting sounds of particular frequencies usually the ‘mantras’.

Today the practice of Meditation Sleeping is carried by listening to sounds of different frequencies. Of several products as well as services available in the market that offer assistance in sleeping; ‘Sound Machine White noise relaxation’ is the most sought for.


The natural sound machine
  1. The ‘Sound Machine White noise relaxation’ is a handy, electronic music device; features 9 different kinds of sounds to suit your sleeping mood.
  2. These sounds include white noise, wave sound, bird songs, waterfalls, cricket sounds, bicker (gentle water flow), as well as 3 lullabies.
  3. The mesmerizing sounds included in the device provide relief to the tired mind as well as enables sleep very easily.
  4. The usage of the device can be very vivid.
  5. It can be fittingly used in ‘noisy environs’ where the hassle of the outside world creates annoyance.
  6. It can also be used to provide sound sleep to babies or in workspaces; to relax and take breaks during the hectic work schedule.
  7. The ‘Sound Machine White noise relaxation’ device manufactured by ‘Life Changing Products’ is a Smart-Device, as well as the makers, have designed it to include an automatic shutdown timer – with 15, 30, 60 minutes preset or nonstop all night.
  8. It is built of very light silicon + ABS + PC fiber. It consists of a light display as well as a set of 5 built-in buttons to help change tracks, reduce/increase volume, etc.
  9. The ‘Sound Machine White noise relaxation’ can be conveniently charged using a USB cable; can thereafter provide a continuous battery backup of 36 hours which enables it to give a power-packed performance.


The Sound Machine White noise relaxation is not just a music device; it is a medium to enhance one’s sleep and to enable one to overcome sleeping disorders.

With the advent of technology in human lives, such as the spiritual and cosmic processes; involving relaxation of mind and body have not remained untouched with it. The Sound Machine White noise relaxation is one such device that gently enhances your sleep with its mesmerizing sounds.

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