Practice Mindfulness Meditation Before Bed To Cure Sleeplessness


Do you know mindfulness meditation helps with sleep?

There can be numerous reasons that keep you away from your bed and makes you stay up late at night. But if these reasons lead you to insomnia, then this is something dangerous. Meditating can be a savior for you in this case. While most of the people meditate in the morning or daytime, still there is nothing wrong or bad in meditating before going to bed.

The best part about meditation is that it will help you learn to forget about all your stress.

Do You Know How Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Stress?

Meditation is the practice of training your mind in such a way that it just focus in the present moment and generates physiological changes that are precisely akin to the changes that happen in your body through the early stage of sleep.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation Before Bed To Cure Sleeplessness
Practice Mindfulness Meditation Before Bed To Cure Sleeplessness 

Basically, in this process, your pulse slows down, your blood pressure drops, and eventually, it leads to decreasing the stress hormones in your body. This is how the process of meditation leads to reducing stress.

Following are some of the tips to enhance the process of mindfulness with different types of meditations and get a good night’s sleep quickly.

1. Understanding The Voice Of Our Body With Mindfulness Meditation

It is one of the most natural types of meditation. In this meditation, all you have to do is – keep your focus on your body! It will help you understand the voice of your body in a better way. You will end up becoming a bit more conscious of your body. 

In the beginning, the possibility is that your mind would find it difficult to focus on just one thing and take you out of the present moment. Therefore, watch yourself at the moment, focus your mind on the present, and do not overthink. 

2. Concentrate On One Thing At A Time To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

This is undoubtedly the best type of meditation for beginners. In this type of meditation, you have to keep your mind on one thing. For example, you can keep your eyes on the flames of a candle and relax your mind by keeping it quiet.

You can also chant some mantras to keep your focus on the mantras, so that’s how you can keep your mind quiet and relaxed. 

3. Mindfulness Meditation Is Fascinating!

You will need an instructor or a person who is good at meditation. The chosen instructor will help you attain peace of mind and guide you through the process. For example – he or she will instruct you to relax your toes followed by relaxing your legs, and the process will go on. 

Or he or she might lead you through an imaginary scenario, where he or she will ask you to imagine something – it can be anything.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation Before Bed To Cure Sleeplessness
Practice Mindfulness Meditation Before Bed To Cure Sleeplessness 


You can’t master the art of meditation in a day or a week. You need patience and consistency to be good at it. Go slow but stay consistent, and sooner, you will notice positive results. Start with just five minutes a day and eventually go up to ten, fifteen, or even twenty minutes a day before you go to bed.

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