Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad


Uses acupressure for relieving pain and stress
Helps ease fatigue, insomnia, tension, and stiffness
Increase blood circulation
With a different style of pads for each body parts – for body, neck, hands, feet, etc
Lightweight and durable
Product size: about 36.5 x 33 x 2.5cm

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Body Massage Mat

Relieve your body pain and stress by simply lying in the Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad. It has a rubber textured pattern on the surface which presses on your skin. You will feel relief and relaxed as you press your pained body parts. Perfect for your neck, back, feet and more. Different kinds of mats available for different body parts. It improves the blood circulation which helps to relieve the pain.


  • Neck. If you always complain about neck pain, you can purchase a pillow design. It has a thick pad which is perfect for your neck to lie on. The textured rubber will efficiently put pressure on your neck relieving pain. But if you have the mat design, you can simply put a rolled towel under the mat and position your neck to it.
  • Back. Choose the mat pad style if you always complain about back pain. It has a thin but wide pad construction perfect for back massage. You can also roll this flat mat and it will be useful for neck and foot massage.
  • Hands. Use the hand-shaped pad for massaging your hands. Press your palms on the pads until you feel relaxed.

Durable and Lightweight

The inside of every pad has a sponge inside which makes it comfortable to use. You can use it while you rest and it will relax you and relieve pain from your body The textured rubbers on top provides acupressure points which enhance blood flow to ease the pain. It helps to remove the tension and stiffness in your body. With its lightweight feature, you can easily take it anywhere in your home for use.


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