Smart Meditation Headband Brain Sensor

$253.94 $193.94

An application connected providing mind relaxing practices
Relaxes the mind and body for stress relief
Improves focus and concentration
Keeps a positive feeling to mind and body
Perfect for kids, adults, meditators, etc.
Standby: 7-8 hours, Connected: 4-5 hours
Suitable for: iOS 5.0+, Most Android 2.2+


Smart Meditation Headband Brain Sensor

Help your brain to relax and concentrate more on using the Smart Meditation Headband Brain Sensor. This headband has fun training applications which help you focus your mind and teach you how to meditate. This device can be used for both kids and adults to practice their brain how to concentrate.

How It Works

The headband can detect your brainwaves which data can be collected and asses mental condition. You can play games or follow relaxation practices on the application for fun. Connect the headband via Bluetooth function on your phone and read the tutorial. Try the actual practices and games to improve your brain performance. !

Applications and Benefits

Adults. This can be beneficial by providing relaxation every after a long day at work. They can use this to relax their mind and have a little peaceful time for themselves uninterrupted. It can help them to sleep faster and better. Having a peaceful mind results in healthy neurological health. Simply follow the regular relaxation practices on the provided application and see how positively it will affect you. This will enhance your mental ability which will reflect on your overall physical wellbeing. It can help to be more productive at work.

Kids. Your kids can use this device to improve their concentration. Doing so, they can think more about studying their lessons and doing their homework. It will help them focus their mind on what they are doing and keep them calm and peaceful every day. Being more concentrated enables them to think more ideas which they can use with their studies.

This device is also helpful for pregnant women to keep them positive all day. If the mother is peaceful and happy, it will reflect on her body and most especially for the baby. It can provide entertainment for pregnant women who are waiting and wants something to spend their time on before giving birth.


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