Yoga Strap Gym Resistance Bands

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The Yoga Strap Gym Resistance Bands is ideal for strengthening the core muscles
It’s a great fitness accessory for practicing new yoga positions
It is flexible and durable; It is a multi-purpose equipment
Material: Polyester-Cotton Blend
Size (LxW) 183 cm x 3.8 cm
Package Contents:
1 x Yoga Strap Gym Resistance Band

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Yoga Strap Gym Resistance Bands

Exercise and get fit with these Yoga Strap Gym Resistance Bands! These gym accessories are great for both gym and home use! There is various exercise equipment that you can choose from. But some of that equipment, such as dumbbells, are heavy, bulky and not portable at all. One of the reasons why many people turn to yoga is that it’s not only good for the body but also for the mind. It’s believed to have calming benefits. If you like toning your muscles, you can incorporate that to yoga with these resistance bands. Also, it’s not only for yoga but also for many fitness exercises that you can do right at home!


These resistance straps are great for strengthening many areas in the body like the arms. It’s also ideal for training the core muscles in the abdomen area. These straps work by extending the extremities to stretch the band and create tension. The placement of the bands depends on which area of the body you want to focus on. You should keep still in that position as much as you can and increase the time as you progress. This yoga strap can also help you train new yoga positions.

Flexible and Durable

The good thing about the straps is that they are flexible but still durable enough not to break. Because of its flexibility, you can experiment on many poses and it’s easy to store too. Strength is another feature it can offer. A resistance band must be strong so that it won’t snap and harm you. There are many different colors for you to choose from and it has an easy-to-use buckle too. Finally, you can also use the bands as straps for your yoga mat. This makes the bands multi-functional and makes the mat easy to carry.


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