Spiritual Meditation

The namaste hand gesture

The goal of spiritual meditation is self-realization. It refers to the connection to your inner self with a deep level of understanding. This is more of a re-energizing your soul after unplugging from the frenetic energy of the outer world. These techniques focus on honest self-reflection.

Most people confuse this term with religious practice. I must say that it is free from all such boundaries and is fully an independent practice to strengthen your soul.

Do not trap into the net of different allures such as the ability to heal, knowledge of past lives, superpowers, levitation, and so on. These are just greedy and will only lead you again to the materialistic world. Mixing it with so-called miracles is an idiot thing.

Enjoy whatever you have in life and consider them as miracles instead. This is known as a real spiritual awakening.

How to Practice Spiritual Meditation?

Every meditation technique focuses on two main things, i.e. breathing and relaxation. At first, you would like everything about yourself. It refers to a lack of self-knowledge. This is why spiritual mediation should be practiced.

Yes, you should start by accepting and acknowledging who you are. Flow your unconditional love and passion for others. As you follow the technique of spiritual meditation consistently, you will able to find that you are accepting others as they are without judging them. We are connecting with sacred energy in ourselves.

You should work on the following points while practicing this technique.

  • Release your present grudges for others. Holding them will give you nothing more than a pain.
  • Focus on benefitting others with spiritual aspirations.
  • Explore new possibilities of the mind.
  • Be habitual to mindfulness.
  • ‘Be yourself’ is the key to success.

A Common Technique Of Spiritual Meditation

A woman doing Yoga during sunset

Think beyond the worldly pleasures and realize your inner self-power with the help of following the simple technique.

Choose a comfortable sitting position

The first step is to find a comfortable place to remain stable. Moreover, the place should be free of noises. You should select the most peaceful place for practicing this technique. Then, select a sitting pose that will not make you sleepy. This is because this technique can make you feel sleepy instantly.

You can also look for various yoga sitting positions to help you out. Keeping your spine straight is mandatory. The next step is to gently close your eyes.


Keep experience of what is happening inside of your inner world. Focus on positive thoughts. Let go of the negative ones. Become a passive spectator. Let naturally flow everything. Completely ignore your considerations about the past.

Ignore every thought

The trick to an effective spiritual meditation lies here. You are equipped with daily thoughts of life. And, meditation is done to empty your mind from every thought in your brain. Ideas will come. Let them come, but do not react. They will naturally go by themselves from your mind.

Utter prayer

This step is needed to prevent further thoughts coming to your brain. Choose a prayer in your head. It could be related to religion, a mantra, or just a normal prayer consisting of a phrase. At every exhalation, think of the prayer.

Reflect yourself

Open your eyes and sit in the same position for some time. Consider your body state as well as your surroundings. Deeply feel the lightness of your body. Compare your mind’s state before and after meditation practice. Accept your natural reaction to the process.

A candle lit just like a soul after meditation

There are countless spiritual meditation benefits. Nothing is more compelling than reaching a state of higher consciousness. Always think of self-realization while practicing this technique. You will actually realize real self-power.