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Tantric Meditation Couples – Ways To Do It Perfectly

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Do you want to follow the path of Tantra? If that is the case, you have to understand a different category of meditation, known as the tantric meditation. There are three different types of the Tantra- Kaula lath encircling external rituals, Mishra path including internal and external package and Samaya path which is internal and meditative. Now, if you want to try out the art of tantric meditation, it will take you quite some time before you can be a complete expert in it. It is a difficult thing to master, and you should try concentrating first. Here are some of the techniques that you should try out.

Goal Of Tantric Meditation Techniques

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the main goal of tantric meditation is to create an individual with better focus so that e can utilize the methods systematically. There should be a correct approach to like, and it should be able to make you grow stronger as an individual. Shakti Sadhana is important because it brings out the spirituality in an individual. Many have challenged the power of Tantra over the years, but it has survived all attacks so far. Tantra is the reason why you can expand the consciousness. If we are unaware of our nature of mind as well as the full potential, Tantric meditation will bring out the mind to its brim.

Techniques You Have To Follow

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Tantra meditation is something that surpasses the mind as well as the breath. You do not need to control the stuff but expand the consciousness as well as the stagnant energy. The processing of information limits the brain’s normal consciousness, and there are many sensory channels that you need to see and hear. The idea of Tantric meditation is to remove those channels so that the brain functioning can be better. The basic tantra practice is known as Nyassa- it is that form in which you can see the deities and other murtis inside the body. The practice’s main goal is to make you aware that there is a condensed spirituality inside your body. You only have to imagine and sense the practice by being in an upright position. You have to be very aware of each of the sensations in your body and then focus on one part at a time. Every organ of the body should be able to move to the organs like the ankles, calves, fingers, arms, shoulders, skull, etc. You will feel the organs becoming golden light, and you can practice several breathing techniques.

Third Eye Meditation

This is one of the most popular meditation techniques, and it will open the crown chakra inside your head. That will give you clarity and help you focus on the various perspectives of life better. You will also be able to receive divine energy, and in this practice, you should sit in a very comfortable position with the legs touching the floor.


Now you should choose meditation techniques, so that they becomes a lifestyle practice for you. It is just like yoga, with a tinge of spirituality in it.

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