The Ultimate Guide About Samatha Meditation For Beginners

Samatha Meditation

Samatha Meditation means “meditation for tranquillity or calmness.” It basically focuses on relaxing the mind through quieting and calming the body.

What Is Samatha Meditation?

Samatha Meditation Benefits
Samatha Meditation Benefits

Samatha meditation is a form of meditation that aims to relax your mind and body by focusing on one particular area of the body. In Buddhism, it’s also used to reach different levels of focus and awareness, such as seeing past lifetimes and mind-reading. But in this article, we’re only discussing the effects of Samatha on the body.

In Buddhism, it’s also used in conjunction with concentration techniques, like visualization, and mantras. In fact, if you’re looking for a more holistic approach to achieving enlightenment, you’ll find Samatha a very good choice. Yes, because it will help you achieve balance in all areas of your life, mental and physical. In simpler words, Samantha is one of the best meditation techniques in Buddhism.

What Are The Two Different Types Of Samatha Meditation?

Samatha has two main types: passive and active. In the passive type of meditation, you focus your attention on an object such as a flower or a sound. While in the active type you focus your concentration on emotion, whether positive or negative or to a person. Both of these types of meditation are equally effective and give you the desired results.

How To Start Performing Samatha Meditation?

You can perform Samatha in a variety of different ways. If you’re not too experienced with meditation techniques you should start out with an exercise program, or perhaps doing a daily meditation exercise. If you have no experience with Samatha, then try taking up a hobby such as tai chi, yoga, or meditation. There’s no need to feel intimidated, just set a clear mind and follow your instincts. After that, you can start focusing your attention on the breathing exercises to increase the effect of Samatha.

Which Are The Best Ways To Perform This Meditation?

The most effective way to do Samatha is to take it slow. Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly through each nostril for several minutes. Your mind should be entirely clear and you should observe your breath and hear it coming out of your body. You should also concentrate on the sensations in your abdomen and chest, especially when you inhale and exhale.

 Ways To Perform Samatha Meditation
Ways To Perform Samatha Meditation

You can use some of the meditative methods you have learned in your yoga or tai chi classes to do Samatha meditation. The more relaxed you feel, the deeper you will sink into the object you are concentrating on. When you can spread a state of peace within, then you can relax even further and bring your consciousness into a deep state of awareness.

Final Words

You can also practice Samatha by simply repeating mantras, words, or affirmations to remind yourself that you are doing this meditation for the right reasons. You don’t have to devote a whole day to doing Samatha, it is not required but it will help you to reach higher levels of awareness, increase your energy, and bring a state of peace within your body and mind.

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