Understanding Sleep Meditation

A woman meditating while sleeping

We daily say ‘Good Night’ to our loved ones. But, think for a while, is your night actually good and full of rest? No, Right? Home challenges, work stress, chronic illness, and pains, all deprived us of peaceful nights. Fortunately, God has given us something called ‘sleep meditation’ for our sleep deprivations.

As we research, we will find that insomnia is not just a nighttime struggle but a sort of hyperarousal through all day long. In this situation, we need a relaxation technique to be practiced before going to bed.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, positive results are clearly seen in patients of insomnia with powerful sleep meditation techniques. Also, improvements in sleep latency, wake time, efficient sleep, sleep quality, and depression are quite clearly visible throughout the health of experimented patients.

Benefits Of A Sleep Meditation

Meditators experience a state of restful alertness along with the following benefits of deep sleep meditation. In this meditation, your conscious mind is awake and alert while making it a form of sleep therapy.

Cure restless nights

There is well-proven research on combining cognitive behavioral therapy with mindfulness sleep meditation architecture. The study revealed awesome results when participants benefitted to get better sleep during the study. Inefficient sleep is indirectly unknown problems for millions of people. There are days to come when sleep meditation totally cures global insomnia problem and give people a healthy lifestyle.

Sooth aches

When you are restless, days are even longer. It is a usual thing after facing various day challenges. Moreover, body pains are hard to solve and create a big proportion of hurdle to better sleep. Sleep meditation techniques help to soothe those pains as well as increase body awareness to inner strength. It helps in transferring big boosts to young people suffering from stark pains.

Helps in the treatment of diseases

A major health problem like cancer has shown improvements in practitioners of deep sleep meditation. If you have gone through one of the member’s diagnoses and treatment, you would probably know that treatment of this kind of diseases also requires a stress-free situation of patients.

Also, sleep disturbance is a common problem that major patients go through. All you need is an effective sleep meditation technique to see quick results in your recovery.

Sleep Meditation Techniques

A woman relaxing while sleeping

Affirmation meditation

In this technique, all the focus revolves around positive affirmations to keep you distracted from the present situation. Also, you are going to think positive thoughts in your mind like ‘My body is calm’, ‘I am a peaceful and powerful soul on this planet’, ‘and Love is my nature’ etc. Select your desired affirmation from thousands and millions of positive thoughts.

Practice them regularly after going to bed. They will not only help you fall asleep but also uplift your residual effect on a positive note.

Mindfulness meditation

Keep alert to your present situation means mindfulness meditation. Beginners should focus on their inhale and exhale breath, thus let distractions pass by like clouds.

After you have been able to catch the attention of your breath, then you can easily graduate to an upper level like feeling sensations within your body. Thanks to mindfulness meditation, you are going to know what’s happening inside of your inner soul body.

Guided sleep meditation

Guided meditation consists of a bucket of relaxing music to soothe all the aches and pain in your body. These relaxing sounds help you get better at sleep. You may image a series of relaxing images while practicing this technique.

A girl relaxing while lying on the floor

Sleep meditation is a must for everyone in this digital world. Your resolutions get strong by practicing deep sleep meditation techniques. Hence, mental awareness will be a natural thing that flows within your body in excessive amounts. Thus, make ‘yoga Nidra’ a daily part of your life and be stress-free.