Walking Meditation

Monks walking through paddy rice fields

Meditation makes us calm and helps us to focus better. It helps in increasing our concentration level and it has various health benefits. To make your mind at peace, try to find different methods and ways to meditate for some time in your daily routine. It will improve your mental health in some ways.

Make sure you take time for yourself and meditate. It can be the best part of the day for you. There are various forms of meditation which are really good for health and mind.

One such type of meditation is Walking meditation. In this type of meditation, a person can meditate while walking and making peace with the mind. This helps in two ways: walking is crucial for your body and meditation has various benefits.

It Can be Practiced Anywhere

Walking meditation can be practiced anywhere when you are out for your normal routine walk. While you are walking, walk slowly and at a low pace.

And it is not necessary for you to take a long path for your meditation road. It can be approximately around a 200-300 meters walk where you will find yourself in a good place.

You could feel the environment which is cold and the fresh air hitting your body might make you feel connected with nature as well. You will be able to hear each and every sound in your surrounding which feels like the music of nature which is pleasant and more refreshing for you.

Do It For 10 Minutes Daily

Monks in rice field

If you are a beginner in this field of meditation then you should start doing this process for a short amount of time. Take one step of walking meditation every day and after some time, you would be able to do that on a daily basis which would benefit you a lot on your health and on your mind in the most positive manner.

By doing walking meditation, you would be able to understand nature well. Walking meditation would even help to be able to establish a deep connection with nature and yourself as well.

Walking Slowly Is The Key

Always make sure you walk slowly while meditating. Try to avoid distraction from everywhere possible. With the help of walking meditation, you are making major changes in your life. Remember that these smalls steps in your park can be life-changing for you. People of all age group can try walking meditation if their body allows them to do so.

A monk praying in front of Buddha statue

Walking will help to reduce your health issues as well. Moreover, meditating while walking will help you even more. If you want to start doing this, then start slowly. Walk and meditate together for about 10 mins in the beginning. Slowly and steadily, you can increase your time period of meditation.

Make sure you start slow and increase your time period of meditation every day by 5 mins or the time slot which suits you the best. Meditate every day and make it your priority as well because it is about reforming your true self.