What Do You Know About Buddha Statues?

Do You Know About Buddha Statue?

Are you curious about Buddha statues and the preachings of Buddhism? This article gives you a quick look at the Buddhist culture and introduces you to Siddhartha Gautam. Born with a silver spoon in the fifth century, Siddhartha soon realized that eternal peace is not in living a luxurious life, and that the real essence of life lies in simplicity. He left the royalty secretly and practiced meditation for six years. He spent the entire time beneath a bodhi tree, where he achieved peace and thus helped him conquer his extreme fears of life.

Do You Know About Buddha Statue?
What Do You Know About Buddha Statues?

The journey turned Siddhartha into the well-known Buddha. He is now represented by Buddha statues in our present time. These statues show a physical depiction of Buddha in reality. Each of these statues have a different meaning. Indeed, each of the shapes and styles depict a different Buddha style. Each and every gesture represents its own story. There are more than a hundred statues that depict the story of the Buddha. The different asana and hand postures are known as the mudras.

Do You Know About Buddha Statue?
What Do You Know About Buddha Statues?

Types Of Buddha Statues

This article helps you to get to know the different types of Buddha statues and what teachings they impart to the public.

Buddha Figures

People keep these Buddha figures at home. You can also buy one for your place. It will bring in positive energy to your place.

Teachings In Buddha Statues

Do you know what teachings Buddha statues impart? Each statue depicts wisdom, strength, and understanding to the world. The unique postures of the hand, with index finger forming the circle, represent peace to the world. All these depict the life of Siddhartha. Each Buddha statue is meant for those who tend to move towards the path of spirituality and peace.

The Laughing Buddha

You must know about this Buddha statue. Many homes have this Buddha statue. This is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. You can also call it as the Happy Buddha. This is actually not an ideal depiction of Buddha but of a Chinese monk. The reason for the similarity is that the monk is a disciple of Buddhism and has a gift or bag with him. That is why, together, they are considered as The Laughing Buddha. You may also call this figure a Buddhist Santa Clause because of its similarity of a depicted gift bag and bulging stomach. People say this is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Protection Buddha

You will see that this statue has its right hand raised. This is said to depict the message of how you can overcome your fears in life. The figure is resting its left hand on the lap. This signifies encouraging the world to deal with all situations with courage and how to overcome fear in life.

Meditation Buddha

The pose of the Meditation Buddha statues depicts a message to the world to move more towards meditation. It encourages people to meditate. The sculptures suggest how you can attain peace in the meditation process. Each statue helps you to be more calm and sorted. This will relax your mind and will spread positive energy within you and around you.

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