Why Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation? Some Negatives To Know

Advanced Meditation Techniques And Tools

I will not tell you the positive benefits of meditation because the whole internet is full of that; instead, I will explain the negatives.

· Slowly slowly, you will feel that your taste in everything is changing.

· You will feel uncomfortable with people with whom once you were so close.

· There will be biochemical changes in your body, which will be out of your control.

· As you are meditating and conserving your energy, you may feel intense heat in your body. And you might get many diseases just because your body can’t bear so much energy that you are conserving.

· The more you go deep in meditation, you will start to disidentify yourself with your body and mind. And this will make your day to day life mess.

· As you begin to disidentify yourself with your body, your body’s immunity will go down. You will be prone to diseases.

· When your thoughts start to disappear as you are becoming more and more conscious, you will feel the gap between thoughts. And there will come a time when there will not be any thoughts in your mind. When you experience this for 1st time, it will be breathtaking & terrible.

Why Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation?  Some Negatives To Know
Why Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation? Some Negatives To Know

Few More Negatives

Sometimes you will feel utterly helpless because you can’t figure out what the hell is happening with you.

· Sometimes, you also remember all your childhood memories, which are too heavy to bear if you aren’t ready enough.

· In childhood memories, you could see how people took your benefit just because you were vulnerable.

· However, You will see that what you call your personality is just an accumulation of people’s opinion on you, which you had gathered & had created your character unconsciously in your childhood what you call as your self-image.

· Therefore, As you remember all these memories, it will create a mess in your relationship with your family, teachers & elders who had conditioned you in your childhood.

· Also, As you go deep, you will be sensitive to everything around you. And people will take advantage of it.

· So, Your sensitivity will attract people from the astral plane.

· Your perspective will become more extensive, and your tiny ego will start to dissolve. Additionally, This process is exactly like death, or you could call it a psychological death.

· As you are dissociating with your body in meditation, you will see you are losing interest in food and sex. Because food and sex are what our collection is.


· As your perception of reality or life is changing, that will influence while making decisions in life and making choices in life.

· You will find it difficult to operate your body and mind to cope with the hectic world. Because meditation slows you down. And this world praises fast people.

· In meditation, we are heading towards a don’t know mind or beginner’s mind or no – mind. It looks fascinating when we are reading it, but when you are going through the phase when your whole known world becomes a mysterious, unknowable world, this is horrible and frightening.

Why Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation?  Some Negatives To KnowWhy Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation?  Some Negatives To Know
Why Do People Ask For Benefits Of Meditation? Some Negatives To Know

Benefits Of Meditation

Now I need to say about the benefits of meditation so people can digest the negatives.

· However, It will make you fearless and active

· Furthermore, It can bring one to the present moment 

· However, the understanding of memory, past life, death, life will become more apparent and transparent

· Also, efficiency and intelligence will boost like a rocket that is taking its flight towards space.

· Additionally, 24 hours, you will feel that you are surrounding a mystery, and that mystery is operating in your body too.

Hence, there are a lot of benefits, google that.

Now, finally coming to “How do I meditate “

 It is to know my thoughts, emotions, and also physical movements from moment to moment.

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