Yoga Asanas And Its Types

Girl performing a yoga asana

Yoga is one of the most divine forms of art discipline that allows you to attain the zenith of physical fitness with the aim of connecting with the Almighty.

The history of yoga dates back to thousands of years ago. It could easily be witnessed in the Holy Scriptures of Hindu mythology. Yoga has its link with Lord Shiva, the pious dance of whom called as the Pandava, can bring any of the humongous things aimed by him to complete devastation.

This dance of the Supreme is a blend of many of the forms of yoga asanas and other yogic techniques. The main purpose of yoga is to unite the individual self with the absolute or pure consciousness.

In fact, the word yoga literally means the Union or the tendency of being one. Union with this unchanging reality liberates the spirits from all the spirits of separation, freeing it from the illusion of time, space, and causation.

Realize Your True Nature

It is only your own ignorance and your inability to mark a line of distinction between the real and the unreal that prevent you from realizing your true nature. If you want to attain liberation from all such worldly entanglements, then yoga is the only absolute solution to that.

Anyone can practice yoga. There is no such age limit on this divine science. Every fellow irrespective of his or her color, caste, creed, ethnicity or religion can follow this and get success in life by means of renouncing the materialistic aspects of life and clinging to the precept of self-control and self-realization.

Pilates and Yoga Fitness Wheel

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The Yoga Wheel
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