Yoga Ball 25cm Exercise Ball: Know More About The Product


I was in search of a yoga ball that can be used for all kinds of exercises even at the gym. There are many varieties available online but I didn’t like most of them either because of the low quality or their poor durability. I finally found this product that is very useful for me. Indeed, I have been using this 25 cm exercise ball for many days and I’m happy with this product.

Through this 25 cm gym exercise ball, I acquired he stability and balance required for yoga postures and exercises. This ball is comfortable and easy to use. This 25 cm exercise ball inflates easily and that is the biggest advantage. Moreover, this exercise ball can be utilized for pilates, abdominal training, and even for yoga practice.

Gym Ball 25cm Exercise Ball

I wanted to practice yoga regularly at home and I am learning all kinds of abdominal training as well. Hence I was in search of a gym exercise ball that suits both. This product is made of PVC and it is highly durable. The size of this exercise ball is perfect for me and I am very happy with this product. You can go for this ball since it is useful in many ways.

The Exercise Ball

The weight of this exercise ball is 100 g and when I ordered this product I received an inflating pipe as well along with it. If you are looking for an exercise ball, then this is the right choice. It is perfect for abdominal training as well. There are a few things that you need to consider when buying an exercise ball. Most important is quality and then comes the size. This product is perfect in both these terms.

Things I Liked

  • This is the perfect ball if you are in search of a 25cm gym exercise ball
  • This yoga ball can be utilized for learning better stability and balance
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is easy to inflate this gym exercise ball
  • This yoga ball can be utilized for abdominal training and pilates. It is very useful for yoga practice as well
  • The material used is PVC
  • 25 cm is the diameter of this ball
  • 100 grams is the weight
  • The package contains an inflating pipe and yoga ball

Things I Didn’t Like

There is no issue I faced with this yoga ball and I am happy with this product. Moreover, I am using this regularly and I felt this is worth the money paid.

Final Thoughts

When you are searching for a yoga ball or exercise ball, the first thing you need to keep in mind is, choose the better quality ball. After that, size plays a major role. The size should be comfortable to use and then only you can practice yoga properly. Both the quality and size of this ball are comfortable for use and it is highly durable as well.

However, along with using it for all kinds of abdominal exercises, I am using it for my yoga practice. It helped to achieve greater stability and balance.