Yoga Brick Non-Toxic EVA Foam

Yoga Brick Non-Toxic EVA Foam

A yoga brick can serve as one of the essential tools for yoga enthusiasts or yogis. These bricks or blocks help yoga practitioners in maintaining anatomical integrity in their poses. Placing the hands on the brock in standing postures like Parsvakonasana or Trikoasana can make the difference between a stature that feels uncomfortable and strained and a posture that feels graceful and free. Practicing yoga is all about steadying the body and mind while breathing freely to feel a sense of comfort. Yoga bricks, more than all the other props, help practitioners in realizing the most important objective of this practice.

Yoga Brick Non-Toxic EVA Foam

Available in dimensions of 25 x 15 x 8 cm and crafted using non-toxic EVA foam, this yoga block is the perfect workout material for every health and fitness enthusiast. If you love to be physically active while engaging yourself in different sports activities, then you should go for this brick. It is safe to use and stretch resistant product with rounded edges that can offer a lot of comfort along with proper grip.

Hold this brick firmly while practicing your yoga poses and even while doing your pilates to get the best posture results. The item will help you in strengthening your core muscles while providing the support needed for enjoying different exercises throughout the day. It is the perfect device for beginners in practicing yoga and the ones who are looking to develop flexibility. It will help you in maintaining the ideal alignment your body requires for performing different asanas.

Advantages Of The Brick

One of the most specific benefits of this product is it is available within an affordable range. It offers you complete support for a different range of movements while also helping in reducing the distance between the body and the ground while practicing yoga postures. Additionally, it allows you to feel less strained and stressed, especially if you are into practicing challenging yoga postures.

The product can also help you in holding onto challenging poses for a very long period. With this brick coming in handy at right by your side, you can ultimately reduce your possibilities of suffering from injuries while practicing different yoga poses. It will also help you in avoiding the chances of straining your core muscles. Moreover, you can easily place it right under the hands or feet in the most strategic manner. It will further give you the support for stretching your body almost effortlessly. You can place it in medium, high, and also low positions.

Sample Usage of the Brick The brick is best for practicing seated meditation or Virasana. It is called the hero pose, and it can help you in preventing knee stress. The pose also works towards making the practitioners feel comfortable and at ease. Using the brick for this pose will help you in offering excellent support to your spine and lower back. This way, you will be able to reap the best benefits.

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